Rogue Kayak

The Pícaro surf ski


560cm x 52cm

Pícaro WWR

  • £2495.00
  • = €2995.00

Pícaro S-class

  • £3295.00
  • = €3995.00

As the first Rogue model ever produced, we had to get it right in this highly competitive category. We think we found the perfect balance of speed and stability which will allow the paddler to have the confidence keep paddling instead of bracing. It’s also fast enough to help you catch more waves and the hull profile makes it surf like a dream. It will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Comfort is what keeps you on the water longer and able to enjoy paddling instead of worrying about how to get leg drive and steer with “dead legs”! The Pícaro has exceptional comfort by maintaining the positive paddling position of having your butt higher than your heels! The gunwales and built in wave deflector means the Pícaro gives a very dry ride adding to comfort levels, especially during the cold winter months! We should really provide slippers with this boat as it’s so comfortable.


Some other features include a carbon foot plate with the choice of foot straps, carbon or extruded pull bar. Carry handles at the cockpit, bow and stern, deck bungees and a deBrito bailer.

Pícaro with Forth Rail Bridge behind

Included as standard

  • deBrito bailer
  • Carbon foot plate with 4 different strap options
    • – Double foot strap
    • – Single foot strap
    • – Foot bar - plastic
    • – Foot bar - carbon
  • Carbon handles – bow and stern
  • Carbon cockpit handles
  • Bungees back deck and cockpit
  • Standard rudder


  • Custom colours & design your own graphics
  • Boat cover
  • Rudder size/shape options
  • Name sticker(s)

Prices and weight

  • 20% deposit on orders
  • 30% deposit required for custom colour/graphics orders
  • All prices include VAT but do not include shipping
  • All prices are subject to change without notice
  • Weights are estimated +/- 0.5kg