Rogue Kayak

The Viento surf ski


620cm x 45cm

Viento S-class

  • £3295.00
  • = €3995.00

Viento Team

  • £3995.00
  • = €4595.00

Called the Viento because it's built to surf downwind! This boat is a winner that will have you smiling every time you paddle it. Remarkable stability for a boat in this category means you'll be able to apply power in the most challenging conditions — and it still has the speed on the flat for a boat that surfs this well.

Like all Rogue boats, the Viento is comfortable with a very positive paddling position, making it easier to apply power for longer. If you're looking to step up from an intermediate to an elite boat, this is the one to choose.


All the usual Rogue features: carbon footplate, deBrito bailer, choice of rudders and footstraps.

Included as standard

  • deBrito bailer
  • Carbon foot plate with 4 different strap options
    • – Double foot strap
    • – Single foot strap
    • – Foot bar - plastic
    • – Foot bar - carbon
  • Carbon handles – bow and stern
  • Bungees back deck and cockpit
  • Standard rudder


  • Custom colours & design your own graphics
  • Boat cover
  • Rudder size/shape options
  • Name sticker(s)

Prices and weight

  • 20% deposit on orders
  • 30% deposit required for custom colour/graphics orders
  • All prices include VAT but do not include shipping
  • All prices are subject to change without notice
  • Weights are estimated +/- 0.5kg