Rogue Kayak

Rogue Kayak make surf skis

Born in Scotland, Rogue Kayak are proud to announce their new surf ski range. They are all designed and shaped by Neil Baxter with help from co-founder Micky McDonald. Made to the highest standard in the Nelo Factory in Portugal, our skis are finished beautifully with obsessive attention to detail.


560cm x 52cm

Pícaro WWR

  • €2995.00

Pícaro Classe "S"

  • €3995.00


600cm x 48cm

Forza WWR

  • €2995.00

Forza Classe "S"

  • €3995.00


620cm x 45cm

Viento Classe "S"

  • €3995.00

Viento Team

  • €4595.00


620cm x 43cm

Rebel Classe "S"

  • €3995.00

Rebel Team

  • €4595.00