Rogue Kayak

The Rebel surf ski


620cm x 43cm

Rebel Classe "S"

  • €3995.00

Rebel Team

  • €4595.00

Designed for speed in as many different conditions as possible, the Rebel will give the paddler the very best opportunity to win races, whether on small waves, flat water or raging downwinds! Uniquely designed, built in wave deflectors help keep most water out of the cockpit allowing for rapid accelerations during a downwind run and razor sharp steering means maximising your control and speed during wave transitions.

Comfort is consistent throughout the Rogue range and the Rebel is no exception allowing you to focus on your performance! The Rebel is very much an elite racing “machine” that will have you smiling all the way to the podium.


Available in "S" class and the new "Team" construction meaning the lightest and strongest combination possible.

Algunas otras características incluyen

  • achicado Nelo
  • Carbon foot plate with 4 different strap options
    • – Double foot strap
    • – Single foot strap
    • – Foot bar - plastic
    • – Foot bar - carbon
  • Asas de transporte proa y popa
  • cuerdas elásticas en cubierta
  • Timon standard


  • Custom colours & design your own graphics
  • Boat cover
  • Rudder size/shape options
  • Name sticker(s)

Prices and weight

  • 20% deposit on orders
  • 30% deposit required for custom colour/graphics orders
  • All prices include VAT but do not include shipping
  • All prices are subject to change without notice
  • Weights are estimated +/- 0.5kg
The wave deflectors in close-up